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Future of Humanity: A Map of the Conversation

This is a new project I’m hosting on my personal blog:

Where is humanity going? Our technology empowers the individual, but to what end? This is a (growing) list of people, institutions and concepts central in this discussion of technology and our future (from where I stand).

I’m very familiar with everything listed here. I’ve read the articles/books, watched the movies, and sometimes even met the people. Use this list to jump into the conversation. We need you.

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Outline of Jamais Cascio’s Get Smarter

The Atlantic published Jamais Cascio’s Get Smarter in the July/August 2009 issue. It’s the first good response to Nicholas Carr’s Is Google Making Us Stupid? published a year before. I outlined it using Roland Paris’s C.L.E.A.R. model.

UPDATE: I asked Jamais for comments on the outline below on 10/3/09. I wanted it to reflect his intentions. He was kind enough to reply at length, and I’ve updated it accordingly.

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Does the Internet Make Us Stupid?

Nicholas Carr made a splash last summer with his  Is Google Making Us Stupid? article in the Atlantic. Jamais Cascio wrote the first decent response a year later – Get Smarter.

What do you think? Is the web a mental prosthetic which expands the power of our minds or has it obliterated our ability to read long texts?

Which author makes the most compelling case? What if they’re both right? How could we reconcile their views? I’ve outlined  Cascio’s argument and will outline Carr’s soon. This should be helpful: Future of Humanity: A Map of the Conversation. You may also want to browse the discussion Cascio and Carr spurred in the blogosphere.

NOTE: this post will be updated soon.

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Vision of the Future: Apoptygma Berzerk & the Animatrix

What does the far future of intelligence look like? This video is one of the better artistic interpretations I’ve seen.

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