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  1. Stay nimble. Benefit from the insights of university students who won the Digital Literacy Contest. Absorb their frame of mind.
  2. Improve your skills. Learn how to find, evaluate and synthesize information online better. Learn the specific tools and techniques contest winners use.
  3. Leverage the web. The internet is a mental prosthetic. Learn how to use it to amplify the power of your mind.

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How to Win the Digital Literacy Contest

Digital literacy is the ability to find, evaluate and synthesize information online. In ourĀ Digital Literacy Contest students compete to answer questions using the Internet an library databases. These questions come in five categories. Study the websites listed below to improve your chances of winning greatly.

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GNIC’s Vision

We’re outsoucing parts of our brain to the Internet. GNIC is built upon this fact.

How does this change intelligence? What’s relevant now is how well you use the Internet as a mental prosthesis – how well you can use it to amplify the power of your mind. We call this “networked-intelligence,” and we create competitions in which people use the Internet as an extension of their brain.

Why? As technological changes accelerate large groups of people are left behind. Others are super-empowered which threatens our democracy. We use our contests to findĀ the brightest of our generation. Then we spread their insights (on this blog, in educational curriculum, in workshops, essay contests, etc.) to help maintain a (relative) equality of skills.

Our first competition is the Digital Literacy Contest. We market it to libraries, but any institution could host the event to engage an audience and create positive publicity. Our second competition is funded by a MacArthur Young Innovator award with further help from the Sunlight Foundation. It’s targeted to high school social studies classes.

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(2009) Get Smarter by Jamais Cascio
(2008) Is Google Making Us Stupid? by Nicholas Carr
(2007) Your Outboard Brain Knows All by Clive Thompson
(1962) Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework by Douglas Engelbert

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Vision of the Future: Apoptygma Berzerk & the Animatrix

What does the far future of intelligence look like? This video is one of the better artistic interpretations I’ve seen.

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Digital Literacy Contests this fall

Student registering for the Digital Literacy Contest at the University of Florida

We’re organizing and promoting nine DLCs this fall. Daniel will be couchsurfing around North America and speaking at each contest.

  • University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee (10/6/09)
  • University of Florida (10/8/09)
  • Pennsylvania State University (10/13/09)
  • Western Illinois University (10/22/09)
  • Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (four different campuses):
    • Palliser (10/27/09)
    • Kelsey (10/28/09)
    • Woodland (10/29/09)
    • Wascana (11/3/09)

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