30 Page Primer on Digital Information Literacy


The Digital Literacy Contest is a competition to search the internet. Students have 30 minutes to answer questions. Correct answers are rewarded, and incorrect answers are penalized. The winners get cash prizes. Universities like Brown, Cornell and Northwestern host the contest for their students. Here’s a demo.

Interviewing Contest Winners

Our team interviews the winners of these contests in-depth. We want to understand why they are so gifted. What can they teach others? What are their favorite websites, tools and techniques? Over the years we have interviewed 100+ winners.

A Primer Based on these Interviews

We created a 30 page primer on digital information literacy based on these interviews. In fall 2009 we piloted this primer with a professor at Purdue University. She used it to teach 115 students how to find, evaluate and synthesize information online. This spring we updated the primer, and the same professor is using it again.

Want to Use the Primer?

Contact me if you are interested in using this primer: daniel.poynter@gnic.org or (765) 588-3620

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