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Digital Literacy Contest
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The Digital Literacy Contest

...a competition of database and Internet research skill.

We created the DLC as a summer project in 2007. We were undergraduates at Purdue University. Since then, we've helped major universities across the country host the contest. We've tripled in size each semester because students and libraries love the DLC.

University libraries host the DLC in university computer labs. Students logon to our web-based contest and compete to find information online using the internet and library databases. They must provide sources and the highest total score wins.

Major benefits for your library:Purdue University
  • Engage patrons with an exciting new contest (testimonials)
  • Inform patrons of library resources
  • Create positive publicity in local news (press)
Other benefits:
  • Assess students' ability to find and evaluate information online
  • Identify latest tools patrons use to find information online
  • Record internet traffic during contest for library science research
  • Receive feedback with customizable surveys
  • Host a discussion about the future of digital literacy
  • Humble students and instill a desire to learn from librarians

We've worked with academic libraries across North America and would love to work with you too!

University of Alabama Brown University Cornell University Hanover College
Northwestern University Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology Penn State University University of Michigan
University of Florida Indiana University University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Western Illinois University