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About Us

More than a hundred people including students, faculty, friends, and family have made this contest become a growing success and we are always adding to that list. If you are interested in helping, please contact us.

Core Team:

Baby George

George Tebbetts began writing web applications for the Digital Literacy Contest in March of 2008. He is a Purdue Computer Science student.

George enjoys cycling, running, kites, and Linux.

George is a romantic at heart. He loves feeding cookie dough ice cream to Meg Ryan while walking long puppies on the beach. When he's not, "climbing stuff, trianguloids mostly, representations of the Tree of Knowledge, you know, verticalities in a sea of horizontal normalcy" you can find him cycling or watching ZeFrank.

Baby John

John Bohlmann joined the team in November of 2007. He created the Firefox plugin that is used in the contest to collect web use statistics. He is a Purdue Computer Science student.

John is a game developer. He's excited about Emotiv's new brain-computer interfacing technologies, and he plans to develop games and novel user interfaces with their technology in student groups he leads at Purdue.

John loves Asia. All of it. Linux is pretty good too.

Baby Amit

Amit Pahwa joined the team in February of 2008. He takes to the shadows and makes sure everything and everyone is working. Amit is a Purdue ECET student who is a self-proclaimed expert of everything. He designed and built this website, let him know what you think!

Amit is an Eagle Scout who enjoys pretty much everything except listening to country music and losing. He likes to stay up to date on the latest in technology and diligently combs through his RSS feeds everyday.

Above all, Amit loves driving, laughing, and an occasional YouTube video.

Baby Daniel

Daniel Poynter created the Digital Literacy Contest during the summer of 2007. He is lucky enough to speak at each contest by vagabonding around the country using CouchSurfing. He is a 2008 Purdue Philosophy graduate.

Daniel created the 150+ member Purdue CIA (Collective of Installation Artists). The group organizes projects to "alter public space", including the Engineering fountain flash mob in 2007. PBS Frontline showed video of the flash mob to over 5 million people.

Daniel became a passionate creator after reading Alvin Toffler's Future Shock, visiting San Francisco, and watching this ZeFrank episode. All three electrified him. The world is not only changing quickly, change is accelerating.


Baby Qing

Qing Zhao has been with us since February of 2008. She is a Purdue Computer Graphics Technology student and our graphics consultant.

When she's not winning awards drawing on her tablet, being addicted to reddit, or listening to music, you can find her dancing at the new Ascii Club on 5th St:

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We are very proud of our interns, they are some the brightest people we have met and are given many important tasks. If you are interested in joining the team, contact us!