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Our Products

Digital Literacy Contest

Our first product is a turnkey package of materials enabling your library to host the Digital Literacy Contest with very little effort.

University libraries host the DLC in university computer labs. Competitors logon to our web-based contest and have 30 minutes to answer 20 questions using the Internet (e.g., “How many images were in U.S. patent #2393676 by Buckminster Fuller?”). Correct answers are worth one point; incorrect answers are penalized by one point. The highest total score wins.

It includes everything your library needs to host the DLC successfully.

Benefits to your library:

  • Engage patrons with an exciting new contest.
  • Identify latest tools they use to find information online.
  • Receive feedback with customizable surveys.
  • Inform patrons of library resources.
  • Host a discussion after the contest about digital information literacy, the future of libraries, and how your library can better connect with students.
  • Assess their ability to find/evaluate information online.
  • Create positive publicity in local news.
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Digital Democracy Contest

Our second product is free for high school government teachers. It will help them empower students to engage 21st Century government.

High school government students compete in teams to answer questions using US Government websites. This contest is based upon the successful college-level Digital Literacy Contest.

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